Software class: Gascoigne 3D

Thomas Richter

Contact persons:

Stefan Frei
Jevgeni Vihharev

Part 1: Introduction to Gascoigne


Gascoigne 3D is a C++ software library for the solution of partial differential equations. The focus of Gascoigne is to offer a framework for the efficient simulation of complex systems of equations. Typical applications include diffusion and transport processes, flow problems, chemical reactions, problems in structure mechanics, and also coupled problems. This first part of the Gascoigne class will introduce the basic concepts of Gascoigne 3D, such as As Gascoigne is written in C++, fundamental programming skills in C/C++ will be necessary.


April 8 to April 12, 10:15 to 11:45. The class will take place in the Applied Math Computer Pool, INF 294. You'll need an account for this pool.

Part 2: Multiphysics-Problems with Gascoigne 3D

The second part of this class will deal with the discretization and simulation of coupled multiphysics-problems using Gascoigne 3D. We will discuss volume coupled problems like chemically reactive flows or transport processes and surface coupled problems like fluid-structure interactions. Part 2 cannot be taken without Part 1 (or a previous introduction to Gascoigne).


All participants will work on a project. The first meeting with further information will take place on April 16 at 15:15 in Room 215, INF 293

Script and problem sets:

Script (Version 16.05.2011) (pdf)

Problem Set 1 (pdf)

Problem Set 2 (pdf)

Problem Set 3 (pdf)

Problem Set 4 (pdf)

Problem Set 5 (pdf)

Problem Set 6 (pdf)

Problem Set 7 (pdf)

Problem Set 8 (pdf)

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