Junior Research Group

Mathematical modeling and simulations in ophthalmology

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PhD students
Simon Dörsam Finite Element Simulation of drugs spreading in the vitreous
Judith Stein Mathematical modeling of drug distribution in the vitreous
Vladislav Olkhovskiy Modeling and simulation of the uveoscleral outflow
Alexander Drobny Numerical Simulations - Physiological Processes in the Human Eye
Muhammad Uris Jhatial Molecular Interactions in the anti-VEGF Therapy
Master students
Friederike Kreplin Nonlinear reaction-diffusion systems
Lucia Durschgang Modeling of Neurogenesis in the Retina
Linda Kuppel Existence proof of solutions for miscible liquids in porous media
Carl Bürkel A neurogenesis model for the zebra fish retina
Merve Öz Defocus curves
Former students
Alexander Drobny Drag evaluations of rough surfaces from near-wall models
Sebastian Voll Experiments and models for glistenings development
Linda Rögner Glistenings - experimental design
Tobias Siekmann Software development for the deformation detection of the capsular bag during IOL implantation
Stephanie Bletsch Signal transduction - time stepping schemes
Irina Seifert Vitreous - model
Saskia Haupt Glistenings - first mathematical models

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